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Qlik Sense 201 (Self-service)

On Demand

Qlik Sense 201 teaches users how to create sheets and objects in existing Qlik Sense applications, and to write expressions to customize visualizations. 

Time: About 4 hours

Prerequisites: Qlik Sense 101 or equivalent experience

The main topics are:

  • Basic self-service
  • Configuring different Qlik Sense objects
  • Building Qlik Sense charts with custom expressions
  • Advanced chart expressions in Qlik Sense 
  • Qlik Sense server care and responsibility

By the end of the course, learners will understand:

  • How to duplicate a sheet, examine its properties and the properties of different chart objects
  • How to add chart objects to Qlik Sense sheets and configure properties using Chart Suggestions
  • How to configure properties for different types of Qlik Sense charts without using Chart Suggestions
  • How to write basic expressions to manipulate data in Qlik Sense
  • How to write Qlik Sense expressions to make chart objects with dynamic titles, custom color scales, custom sorts and reference lines
  • The basics of using set analysis to dynamically filter Qlik Sense objects
  • Advanced Qlik Sense expressions, including calculating shares of a whole and addressing the right level of detail in data
  • Qlik Sense variables and the right times to use them
  • How to be a good “data citizen” when building charts so they are responsive and don’t adversely impact others sharing the same Qlik Sense server

Requirements: To follow along, your Qlik Administrator needs to install several Qlik apps (.qvf files) on your company’s Qlik Sense Server and adjust user privileges. Instructions and files are included.

Recorded using Qlik Sense February 2019 release 

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